by Kelly Pelton (written 23 Jan 2020)
When people in power regulate others who
by virtue of an unalterable trait
are not in power, I have wondered how you
know how much to restrict their freedom. You'd hate

to be inhumane in your limitations -
there is no need to be cruel to the underdog
(upon the underlings rest the great nations) -
but managing them is like pinning down fog.

Where to draw the line on how much they can do?
Let them ride the same bus if they have their own rows.
Don't let them surmise they are equal to you;
it would be unfortunate if their contempt grows.

Let them ride the same train if they have their own car,
let them teach in the church if they teach their own kind.
It's tricky to govern them, don't take it too far
or they could revolt; then you'd be in a bind.

Let them be visible but not too visible,
let them serve (not in the roles of double honor).
For what you allow them, they should be grateful;
to decide on these rules takes wisdom and valor.

You'll find yourselves in quandaries, restricting others;
don't lose sight of your leadership position,
discerning what's right for your sisters and brothers
as God helps you humbly fulfill your mission.

Inspired by Wayne Grudem’s lists, pages 85-101, Evangelical Feminism and Biblical Truth