By Kelly Pelton (written 26 Jan 2020)

"I don't need you!" says eye to hand and head to foot,
head keeping the body from having spiritual input,
relegating many to less honorable roles,
ignoring the weaker in pursuit of your goals.
Let those body parts do the work you deem "beneath us -
they're made to follow; they should accept their status
as helpers" of you who get the crown of glory,
you few men who are the heroes of this story.
What if, instead, the men who govern, preach, and teach
were to honor their sisters with these same roles that reach
the entire congregation, edifying all
as God's image gets full expression. It's what Paul
meant in his great chapter, stronger helping weaker,
giving them more honor, not being a self-seeker.
When God combines all and the honor is equal,
we find ourselves living a heavenly prequel
where each part has equal concern for the others
and hierarchy gives way to sisters and brothers.