By Kelly Pelton (written 27 Jan 2020)

The ladies should learn but not teach in domination,
Paul wrote, as though they have independent authority
over men rather than being created from them.
Remember your origins in Eve with humility,

that she was deceived; you are by no means infallible.
Do not boss your husbands as though you are the origin
of them (as the Gnostics say) or of truth, sisters.
Remember how all went wrong in the Garden of Eden.

Don't let your freedom cause you or others to stumble.
Strong words are needed in that time of church formation
(as they're needed now to correct the misuse of scripture);
freedom and the word reveal one's sinful inclination.

The ladies must learn "in quietness and full submission," 
their silence a student's posture of receptivity -
We must educate our sisters in the true faith in Christ
lest they fall prey to false teaching's subtle captivity.

Many churches of our time are captive to prejudice,
teaching falsely that this verse forbids a female pastor.
Those changed by God's love notice the witness of all scripture,
hear the voice of all people; fear's no longer their master.