By Kelly Pelton (written 25 Jan 2020)

"Toddle along after the Hairy Ones," she wrote*, to shame
female preachers, as though they were copying the men,
stealing their manly roles "to be valued and esteemed," the blame
pouring forth from her blog to convince them of their sin.

Such potent, memorable lines from a gifted writer
remind us how Christians can assault their own sisters;
this author would surely not call herself a reviler
though scornfully accusing them of trying to be misters.

Her denigration of women who live out their calling 
is based in conviction they all should be mothering,
as if mothers in the pulpit are greatly appalling
while fathers who preach have God's endorsing covering.

The invoking of divine entitlement to secure
exceptional privileges** is nothing new. Sadly,
insisting that God wants women silent and demure
means His image is displayed incompletely or badly,

because the Lord never ever shows favoritism,
and He loves to speak through those not great or influential;
subordinating our sisters causes family schism
and deprives the church, portraying our Father as partial.

Let the women live God's calling; Bible stories exist
of women in unexpected roles of leadership,
used by God to help His people, if we'll not dismiss
these significant exceptions to all-male "headship."

Our pulpits need women who fearlessly speak God's word;
they're not trying to be men, only themselves, genuine
instruments of His Spirit who need to be heard,
expressing the part of God's image that's feminine.

*Michelle Lesley, “The Mother of All Rebellions”

**Gilbert Bilezikian, How I Changed My Mind on Women in Leadership