by Kelly Pelton (written 22 Jan 2020)

I hope I'd give up my rights for the good of another,
advancing the gospel, being true to Christ, the greater good,
but I won't give up my rights for what's wrong, my dear brother,
though you may think that in womanly submission I should.

The Holy Spirit has lit a bright fire of conviction,
and judgment begins with the family of God, says the word;
let us not, in our quest for power, pursue eviction
of just and fair church practices, all voices being heard.

My coming with you to that church would not end your distress
but would heighten mine, betraying all He's been teaching me.
I can't pretend that their gender hierarchy is goodness;
it's another example of dysfunctional family.

Even polygamists's wives accept their situation,
but such cooperation does not make the practice right;
may all who hold tightly to gender discrimination
be persuaded to move toward God's love and righteous light.