By Kelly Pelton (written 30 Jan 2020)

These church women, they're so relational;
they won't say the tough things to the stray sheep.
With one in charge, the church will drift liberal,
leave orthodoxy with hardly a peep.

We must keep men in charge, warriors for truth
who'll hold the line on the hardest teachings.
Women can teach each other and the youth;
we trust them that much, just not with the preaching.

Women in pulpits endorse gay marriage;
just look at mainline denominations.
They easily discard our Christian heritage,
accepting societal abominations.

Once you change the way you look at scriptures
on women, it is a slippery slope
to ignoring other Bible particulars.
Threads of disobedience become rope

by which we hang ourselves in compromise;
better to keep women out of the big roles.
We'll let them instead mold young minds and lives,
entrusting to them the most vulnerable souls.