by Kelly Pelton (written 23 Feb 2020)

We all are God's children, brothers.
Adulthood should mean we're not childish;
Jesus wants us to be childlike
in trust, the antidote for "selfish."

When adult men restrict their sisters's
freedom, as in parent to child,
the result is condescension,
boys dominating girls, with guile.

Then the ladies must call out these boys,
respectfully, on their power play,
teaching them how to be God's children
as equals, not the worldly way

of might and strength ruling the weaker.
As children of God, we can be sure
He'll guide us with the Holy Spirit,
male and female, in Him secure.

Let us play fairly with each other,
mutual respect a basic key 
to harmony in God's household,
modeled for the whole world to see.