by Kelly Pelton (written 02 Sept 2020)

Do men have to rule over women to feel manly?
Or is it just an enemy lie, the default way
since the Fall from co-ruling creation happily
to Adam dominating Eve in work and play?

Accompanying male sex is masculinity:
immutable, undiminishable, except
should one believe the lies, it feels in jeopardy,
which hinders enjoyment of oneself. Being adept

at being male requires no effort; it's a given.
Men often think life's about performance and strength;
pound for pound, men are much stronger than women,
and yet they compare with others their penis length.

They forget Paul's words that "when I'm weak then I am strong,"
that God showcases His power through weak human beings,
that all people are fragile, their lives not that long;
He wants us to enjoy these complex body machines.

Let us treat our brothers with respect and compassion,
never demeaning or slighting their personhood,
working kindly for gender reconciliation,
treasuring one another as God thinks we should.