by Kelly Pelton (written 09 Sept 2020)

What's natural is to compete,
boy against girl, girl against boy,
the subtle aim being defeat,
when self-elevation trumps joy.

Humans always want to be first, 
greater then, better than, esteemed;
someone must be less than, or worse, 
for us to know where we stand, deemed

"above average," "exceptional...."
Isn't that how God measures all,
comparing who's most capable 
against those with a lesser call?

This view of God fuels "gender roles,"
a euphemistic term for men
dominating their sisters's souls,
misusing scripture so to win

the seats of honor in God's church,
the roles of church authority,
insulated on their high perch 
from lack of godly equity.

What's supernatural is to share
clergy power more evenly;
collaboration, love, and care
mark Holy Spirit unity.