by Kelly Pelton (written 09 Sept 2020)

Let's put a hedge of protection around this law,
this old rule dating back to Levitical priests.
It feels safer, keeping women out of power;
the ones who stick around are not a threat at least.

We know of tons of Bible research on both sides
so why not go with the more restrictive reading?
Keeping all women out omits the crazy ones,
demanding ones to whom the weak keep ceding.

We've all been burned by those controlling females who
surely represent their gender as worst cases;
were we to allow women in to ministry,
male power would end as girls take all the bases.

We can't allow our church to become feminized,
latent ambitions awakened by new access
to our all-male roles of responsibility;
the men might capitulate, go on a recess!

It's simpler this way, the only threat being from males
who want to dominate, no females in the mix
with whom we must share the decisions for the church;
we'll call our prohibition of women "God's nix."