by Kelly Pelton (written 15 Sept 2020)

The better way is harder but not harsh,
the healing of our insecurity
rather than ordering everyone else 
to tiptoe around our insanity.

The better way is to open deeply
our hearts and minds to praying through the pain,
letting God re-imprint harmful memories;
seeing differently is powerful gain.

Men and women then can work together,
not avoiding triggers, not retreating,
holy in affection for each other,
sharing power not based on defeating.

The better way takes Holy Spirit work
to heal all gender bias from our past,
overcoming fearful, willful reasons
to reject, exclude, or assign as last.

The better way is the gentlest journey,
so hard to discern that few will find it,
following the Spirit in to freedom,
loving without restraint, hearts by God lit.