by Kelly Pelton (written 13 Oct 2020)

Meekness does not accept abuse because of fear
we might deserve it, or uncertainty within;
it stands its ground against the punitive tactics,
calling out the disdainful people on their sin.

Why do we fear the revilers or the scornful?
Ask this question, women, as you lay low, tiptoe,
dodge the scorn of the church misogynists lest their
feathers get ruffled and they descend to the low

practice of trying to humiliate women,
who can't be humiliated without consent,
unless fearing we're deserving of poor treatment,
as though flawed, mistaken, worthy of their contempt.

Look deeply in your past, women who once were girls,
at how you endured emotional punishments,
not knowing that derision is never deserved,
accepting without question the hostile judgments.

Meekness refuses to abuse our abusers
but it still speaks out against punitive powers,
certain of one's stand in the midst of disrespect,
remembering Jesus in His final hours,

who suffered for the sins of our punitive souls,
knowing His identity and our ignorance;
He showed us the way of giving up one's control
to trust the Messiah, God's great benevolence.