by Kelly Pelton (written 21 Oct 2020)

If you form a doctrine from one particular
Bible verse (or a few of them) but you neglect
to read them by the light of guiding principles
throughout scripture which even a child could detect,

you'll find yourself defending unjust practices,
dismissing the Christians who disagree with you,
impugning their character, doubting their motives,
your proud hypocrisy on display in plain view.

Let the prayerful people interpret the Bible,
women and men who spend time with the Dearest One
whose Spirit gives them understanding of His words
so His loving, compassionate will may be done.

A godly belief never leads one to behave
in a disparaging way toward a Christian;
contentious debates about doctrinal disputes
are not the way we fulfill the Great Commission.

Listen to the godly people whose compassion
and respect are anathema to the scholar
who only knows the Bible and not its Author
whose goodness towers above His book infinitely taller.