by Kelly Pelton (written 11 Jan 2021)

The church may not be meant for worldly power.
Prestige, respect bring out the worst in men
who use the news of Jesus in this hour
to build an empire; pride's a subtle sin

and greed is almost undetectable
unless you're on the outside looking in
at souls who find control delectable,
who shape church culture in their quest to win

the influence on people's hearts and minds.
What started as the Word made flesh back then
has turned into a battle for all kinds
of hierarchies that should have never been.

How might we live if "church"were not allowed,
the institution outlawed in our time?
We'd miss church culture, maybe cry out loud
but then we would remember the sublime

and noble truth that Jesus' kingdom grows
no matter how the world restricts His sons
and daughters. Holy God in heaven knows
that nothing thwarts His plan for His dear ones.

We'd live much simpler lives, engage the world
with winsome gospel speech; we'd gather small
to worship large and share our hope that's curled
around a Savior on a cross who died for all.