by Kelly Pelton (written 16 Jan 2021)

It's not enough for you that you are strong,
the weaker gender (women) not as tough,
our bodies pound for pound less vigorous
and vulnerable to harm and all things rough;

you have a need to dominate in ways
besides the physical. Subordinate
the ladies in the realm of leadership,
emotional and spiritual, too late

will you discover first means last one day.
Our God is not impressed with human will
nor fear that causes people to exclude
the weaker, caring not whose hearts they kill.

The Satan has contempt for weaker ones,
despising those who have not worldly power;
he hates their cries to God from neediness 
for help in every day and every hour.

But God is soft toward His needy kids;
He loves it when they live dependently.
The proud will humbly serve the humble on
the day that all God's glory we will see.

So why not practice sharing power now?
The best of us will value those that all
look past, will give them equal input in 
decisions of the church, tear down the wall

that separates the women from the men,
the rich from poor, the bright from dim. It's not
enough to say we value all; let's show
with actions to include all souls He's bought.