by Kelly Pelton (written 17 Jan 2021)

Sincere and moral people can be wrong,
can miss a step toward the Light that guides,
the Love that feels as vague and nebulous
as unseen kingdom power. Glory hides

in small and quiet acts of love, respect,
and sharing power in the things that count,
in valuing the contributions of 
the ones whose guidance comes from Christ the Fount.

May every blessing grace the men who stand
for sisterly inclusion in the ranks
of those who lead the church through muddled times;
it's on Christ's power each believer banks

and trusts His Spirit and His word to lead
His sheep. Our carnal means of controlling,
excluding out of fear, give way to trust
that God works well through women extolling

His love and goodness, hopeful healing plans
for humankind beyond performance-based
religion, making us receptive to
relationship, inviting us to taste

and see that God is good. Christians can miss
the essence of our faith: God pursuing,
persuading us through Jesus' sacrifice
that He'll stop at nothing in His wooing.