by Kelly Pelton (written 23 Jan 2021)

"They have greatly oppressed me from my youth,"
let women say. "They've greatly oppressed me
from my youth" before we knew it was wrong,
"but they've not gained the victory over me."

Sisters, rise above your scars and thank God
He's cutting you free from the wicked cords,
from self-doubt that binds you to your captors,
from cowing to the power-hungry hordes.

Praise God for healing; your scars testify
both to harm done in the name of the Lord
and to His meticulous work in you,
His care in helping your soul get restored.

God grants the victory that lets us stand
against oppression, though the cost be dear,
our inner freedom allowing courage
to not please those with what they want to hear.

The victory's complete when the hurt is gone
and we trust God first, then ourselves, not them;
we see through the lies we've been told from our youth
and we sing to God a victory hymn.