by Kelly Pelton (written 26 Jan 2021)

If you give these sinful women a chance
to lead the church based on a cohesive 
reading of all of scripture, Spirit-led
in trusting God to be the adhesive

force that holds His sinful children tightly,
the body of Christ intact, though corrupt
male leaders have tried to lead us astray,
the women as leaders won't interrupt

the ebb and flow of truth and lies that's been
characteristic of church history.
God has kept His message of love alive
through sinners like us; it's a mystery

of all-surpassing power that redeems
and sanctifies women as well as men,
that calls us higher to healthy loving,
Jesus our Savior from all of our sin.

Sin and love are the great equalizers;
we love and serve in the Spirit's new way
or live as those under sin's penalty.
God calls us forward into His new day,

females sharing the joy of proclaiming.
If you stop keeping them under the curse
and allow them to lead alongside men,
they will be equally bad but not worse.