by Kelly Pelton (written 02 Feb 2021)

Restricting the freedom of someone you call an equal
is treating her as unequal, claiming authority 
based on your biology, not your qualifications,
as you cling to Bible examples of patriarchy.

You may as well argue for biblical polygamy!
"Separate roles" is a euphemism for role restriction,
keeping your sisters out of the topmost church echelon,
saying that only males have God-given jurisdiction.

Will you stop gaslighting? Your so-called appreciation 
of gender differences is subtle manipulation, 
rewarding women who "know their place" in your church culture
with churchy-sounding validation and affirmation.

Equals get equal treatment (everybody knows this fact),
and when they don't, they're not, no matter what church people claim;
when sisters are regarded as equal to their brothers,
their freedoms and how they're treated are exactly the same.

Let's aim the light of God's truth on your subordination
of females, your partiality, your clever lying,
your scripture-distorting misrepresentation of God,
your actions that shout over the words we're no longer buying.