by Kelly Pelton (written 13 Feb 2021)

If it seems unfair, it probably is. 
If it sounds ungracious, it's likely so.
The separate water fountain for blacks
didn't sit right with some people, although

it was identical to the whites's one
and worked, so what was the problem with it?
All could have a drink; no one went without...
It's silly to throw such a hissy fit

unless accentuating differences
harms those who lack power in some regard
by excluding them from full acceptance,
relegating them to another yard

to play separately apart from you,
not being a part of you. "Together"
is separate's opposite, no man-made gap
or biology-determined tether

to limit fellowship or belonging
with the group that has more social influence;
it's unfair to separate based on an 
immutable trait. Feel God's abhorrence.