by Kelly Pelton (written 07 March 2021)

When Christians question a church interpretation
of scripture, thinking we've misunderstood for so long,
some accuse them of questioning what God has said
as did the serpent to Eve before all went wrong.

"Did God actually say," the serpent began
before misquoting the audible voice of God
to cast doubt on the great Creator's character
as he tempted the human being on Eden's sod.

The goal of Bible interpretation is to
represent God accurately, not proclaiming
a false meaning that makes us doubt His character
as anything but good and righteous; stop shaming

those souls whose consciences sharpened by the Spirit
are asking to re-evaluate the old thought
regarding a Bible passage to be certain
we are staying true to the principles God wrought

throughout the whole of scripture. Let us not misquote
our Lord in a careless interpretation of
His word. His voice through scripture speaks to us today
not audibly but as the Spirit leads in love

to teach us to correctly handle the Lord's word
in the light of God's righteous judgment, His wisdom,
mercy, understanding, impartiality;
let's not misrepresent the Lord or His kingdom.