by Kelly Pelton (written 16 Mar 2021)

The churches can say “get over it”
to your hurt feelings; ignore them.
Forge ahead, just you and Jesus;
bring every sad memory to Him.

All those times you’ve been overlooked,
invisible, or excluded
matter to Christ; He has the time,
and while on earth, He exuded

the healing concern that transforms
pain. He knows how your younger heart
bought in to the lies about you,
even if only a small part

of you ever doubted your worth
or thought you deserved punitive
treatment in a situation.
His power is transformative,

freeing you from second-guessing,
separating you from those who
fail to see your humanity,
who don’t recognize your value.

You’ll take your own side against them,
rejecting their cold rejection,
embracing God’s great love for you,
leaving behind your dejection

because you’ll know you’re not less than
those who wanted you to believe 
their opinion of you matters;
His freedom from them you receive.