by Kelly Pelton (written 16 Mar 2021)

To reject your rejection of my kind
without rejecting you, though you deny
your sin against me, means that I unbind
you from your ongoing wrongdoing by

not holding it against you, not using
it to define you. It's still atrocious
what you're doing, your zealous abusing
from religious reasons, but ferocious

is God's love for you and me, removing
our sins from us as far as east from west.
By no means do I say He's approving 
of your treatment of me; He thinks the best

of us because He's justly judged our sins.
One day you'll know how much damage you've caused;
you'll feel the pain. Restoration begins
when by Jesus our earthly life is paused

and we understand how we hurt each one
of His children. I imagine this when
your mistreatment of me seems to have won;
I accept you now as you will be then.