by Kelly Pelton (written 27 Apr 2021)

Deep down, people care but lash out at their loved ones in fear.
Don't put up with unhealthy tactics; call them out, or leave,
refusing to take their punitive treatment, making clear
your boundaries that with your hand in the Lord's you both will weave.

Deep down, people love but withdraw affection silently,
penalizing you for not agreeing to their control.
Do not tolerate their pressuring or hostility;
your firm insistence now puts you in a parental role.

Love and care are present even in the churches who treat
women as subordinate, but don't allow this action
which violates biblical principles; turn up the heat
of healthy demand for fair treatment. You will gain traction

by perseverance in Spirit-led clarity and prayer.
Though the backlash may be substantial, keep God's love in mind
because love is the only reality; we all care,
though our demonstrations of love often lag far behind.