by Kelly Pelton (written 15 July 2021)

Unequal roles in home and church
are uncomfortable, they say,
but God wants men in charge; we must
adjust in order to obey.

Men don't always want to lead, nor
women always follow male rule.
God's ways are not our ways, and to
doubt His word is to be a fool.

Although it seems unfair to us,
His hierarchy is for our best.
Let's fit ourselves into this mold,
the stronger over all the rest.

With few exceptions, this is how
the world has always handled power:
men controlling, some coercing,
leading 'til that final hour

when kingdom comes with brilliant light
exposing petty power plays
and all those men must give account
for carnal and not holy ways.

They've made the church a worldly place,
misrepresented God to all
as though He's partial to the strong
instead of lifting up the small.