by Kelly Pelton (written 08 Aug 2021)

We vex over educated female athletes
who won't stand against unjust inclusion of men
in women's sports, men who think they're women and want
to compete and dominate again and again.

Why don't the ladies stand up for what's right and fair?
On paper, they have every advantage you'd need,
but do not underestimate mixed messages
they have grown up hearing, some that we should not heed:

The world says females are sex objects made to please
and should dress as though eye candy to be desired;
some churches say women are designed to follow
and God equips only men to lead, as they're wired.

And we wonder why all the opportunities
for academic and vocational success
fail to produce women who confidently lead,
who resist the old temptations to second-guess.

What is the remedy for female self-doubting?
The church can cease to propagate those carnal lies
and teach them not to question their own perceptions
but to trust that God is guiding them; she is wise

who relies on God but trusts herself above those
who pressure her to abandon her conviction.
Even self-doubt is the enemy of true faith,
crumbling courage in an act of soul constriction.