by Kelly Pelton (written 08 Aug 2021)

Self-doubt originates from the devil
who misled Eve to question what she knew:
"Should I go with my knowledge of the Lord
or put myself aside and trust in you?"

Self-doubt is the oldest sin on the earth
and hides within us long after the fall.
We trust sinful man instead of ourselves
on what God is like; sinful are we all,

but why should I go with you over me 
when we see God's character differently?
If I know God to be better, kinder,
let me not cave to you diffidently.

Our original sinner was deceived 
to betray what she knew for Satan's lie,
and each time we doubt what we know of God,
something inside of us surely will die.

Sisters, do not for a moment believe
what the subordinationists proclaim;
do not be tempted into self-doubting
or you'll be captive again to false shame.

Hold fast to your faith that God's impartial;
He's fair in ways we can all understand.
Don't let another's assertion tempt you
to doubt what you know; your life's in God's hand.