by Kelly Pelton (written 18 Oct 2021)

It is unfortunate God made you weak
then penalized you for that sin of Eve,
and in church He won't even let you speak,
but at least to your husband you can cleave,

submitting (like Sarah to her master),
helping him reach his utmost potential
in case he has gifts to teach or pastor,
male gender being God's first credential.

We want to show honor for all the ways
you serve and sacrifice; all you do
allows us to focus on that which pays
big dividends in eternal value.

How can we honor the disempowered
who do all the tasks of lesser meaning,
allowing the men to not be soured
by mundane distractions, instead gleaning

harvests of influence, growing numbers 
which prove God's blessing? We affirm your worth:
"What a good woman who unencumbers
us men in our dreams of substantial girth."

We praise you for your subordination;
don't get ambitious as though you're a man.
The liberals push for your ordination
as though we could learn from you in God's plan!

Keep silent, ladies; He speaks through His men.
He loves how you please us, this role you play,
and we'll be willing to die for you when,
or if, you're physically threatened one day.