by Kelly Pelton (written 15 Oct 2021)

A voice of a mother crying ENOUGH-
the family of God must be purified!
All of us women must mother the church
to love in a healthy way, sanctified

by God's Holy Spirit to be the ones
whose impartiality and esteem
across gender lines speak of holiness,
His solid intention to now redeem

male and female, no longer competing
but reconciled in Jesus our Savior,
not a whisper of gender hierarchy 
nor any unbecoming behavior.

Let's be relentless, asserting His best;
call out the power plays, stand up to harm.
This is God's family; we are His children.
Firm and courageous, we sound the alarm.

One need not be parent to firmly lead
with parental boundaries, authoritative,
valuing input, hearing all voices,
a style good-natured and integrative.

Poor treatment of women we've borne too long.
We can't second-guess our mothering role
to end "separate roles," an unjust charade
whose justification has taken a toll,

misrepresenting God as though He wills
the stronger to subjugate the weaker,
as though His "fairness" is subordination,
the equal-strong ruling equal-meeker.

We know what's just, our consciences given
by Him who sharpens them, Spirit guiding
our interpretations of scripture's truth;
let us no longer remain in hiding.

Sisters, let's mother the family of God
and put a stop to churches's deception
of gender bias as His perfect plan
instead of respectful, equal connection.

With gratitude to Beth Moore and her unforgettable post, “A Letter to My Brothers,” https://blog/lproof.org/2018/05/a-letter-to-my-brothers.html.