by Kelly Pelton (written 03 Nov 2021)

It behooves us to know that some
personality afflictions
cause relational handicaps,
vexing us with contradictions

between words and the actions of
men and women so afflicted;
let us not then judge the genders by 
how by these they are depicted!

Be savvy to the suffering ones
whose intentions may be upright
but their methods wreak havoc in 
fellowships that want to be tight.

To then learn how to manage these 
difficult, disruptive people
is how Christians get empowered,
ditching roles of timid sheeple.

We get firm and use humor in 
setting boundaries that are healthy;
distraction and confidence are
strategies both wise and stealthy.

We don't cave to the tantrums of
men or women misbehaving;
we stay upbeat and positive
even when there's angry raving.

As Christians catch on to these
personality disorders,
we will not blame one gender nor
limit them with man-made borders.

We'll recognize that "difficult" is 
not a male or female feature;
it's minority pathology of
laity and also preacher.