by Kelly Pelton (written 04 Dec 2021)

Separate me not into separate spheres,
my major contributions home and kids,
for I have the image of God to express;
don't limit me with your interpretive grids.

Reduce me not to my lady parts,
a bit less than human, gratifying
the lust of your eyes which often appears
endless and way beyond satisfying.

Relegate me not to the background roles,
supporting you to pursue your passion
as though I have lesser drives or vision
in what you call typical female fashion.

Do not overlook me as though I'm less,
 your eyes averted with pseudo-shyness;
I know the look of esteem and respect
instead of disinterest or furtive slyness.

Women are people who should have the freedom
to self-determine with God our serving;
all people want to transcend the mundane
and follow their God-given plan, unswerving.

With appreciation to Alice Duer Miller, suffragette poet who published a collection of poetry under this title.