by Kelly Pelton (written 18 Jan 2022)

The women get to hear from all the gifted Bible teachers in the church;
the men of certain congregations are deprived in hearing only men.
These brothers may not know they're missing out on all the riches of God's saints
by their denying women equal roles to edify as though it's sin.

The females miss out dearly on a confidence that they, too, hear God's voice,
so programmed have they been to doubt their grasp of justice, telling wrong from right,
and many have resigned themselves to being treated poorly in God's name
by men of God instead of asking for the kind respect that shines His light.

The men and women both miss out on healing, holy friendships between genders,
the kinds of bonds that soften hearts and open us to deeper Spirit work
within and free us from the lies that hinder peace and joy and true compassion;
let all instead consider gender equity a godly kingdom perk.