by Kelly Pelton (written 07 Aug 2022)

It's not only men who are deceived, but Eve --
not Adam, who shared in her sin although he knew better;
the Bible records a history of deceptions
which helps scripture interpreters to unfetter

first Timothy two from Greek notions of women
as being more easily deceived. Let's always ground
our understanding of deception in holy scripture
where examples and warnings of being deceived abound.

Isaac was deceived by Rebekah and Jacob, 
Esau was deceived by brother Jacob twice,
Jacob was then deceived by Uncle Laban
but Jacob struck back; Laban paid a price.

Israel was deceived by the Midianites and also
the Gibeonites; Saul was deceived by his daughter.
Ephraim was easily deceived, per Hosea;
the leaders of Memphis were deceived. Let's slaughter

the argument - that women are more gullible -
with the Spirit's sword, God's word; let us follow
New Testament warnings that all human beings are vulnerable
to deception. This lie about women, we'll no longer swallow.