by Kelly Pelton (written 29 Dec 2022)

Your lie resonates with all who distrust women,
who think the men are stabler, more secure, 
whose negative attitudes toward the weaker sex
are shaped by inner conflicts we all endure,

discordant views of self we'd rather ignore;
hard on self means hard on others, too.
You'd rather point to men as God's solution
than bring your insecurities into view.

But what if, despite your diligent denials,
the Lord revealed and healed the inner plague
of all that bothers you, the painful thoughts
you bury or dismiss with language vague?

What if silent, old, uneasy dilemmas
were transformed by God's all-surpassing power,
allowing peace with self, the penetration
of grace that causes truth inside to flower?
Then you'd see, no longer blind to self
and others, that we're not competing kinds 
but one in Christ who heals and sets us free,
who promises the ones who seek will find.

Then you'd see the Spirit-led alliance,
equals in a sweet collaboration,
no one feeling threatened by a woman, 
no concern for gender regulation.