by Kelly Pelton

The Christians in power who subjugate women
are by definition going to dismiss
those ladies who seek help with abusive husbands,
their cries disregarded; it's Judas's kiss

that betrays Christ's body, this fruit which is rooted
in "complementarian" gender hierarchy 
which demoted women, subduing their voices
with hermeneutical prooftext malarkey.

Where female pastors are mocked with contempt,
we should not be surprised that the women in need
are told to submit to their abusive husbands
and not be divisive. Our Lord is indeed

indignant His daughters are underclass people;
those voices forbidden to speak from the pulpit
are by definition less worthy of hearing,
with complementarianism the culprit.

Abuse has a spectrum, includes ridiculing,
dismissing and discounting, pushing aside,
it keeps women underfoot and disempowered,
intimidates them with harsh snubs that are snide.

The people of color or Jewish upbringing
or India outcasts have all heard a reason
for why they're excluded; with this, it's no different,
those greedy for power committing treason.

Inspired by the Christianity Today online article, “Grace Community Church Rejects Elder’s Calls to ‘Do Justice’ in Abuse Case” by Kate Shellnut, 10 February 2023.