by Kelly Pelton (written 12 Feb 2023)

If this world is a lab for learning to love,
teach one another to show respect
which is love in plain clothes, as the saying goes,
without it, our marriages slowly get wrecked.

There's nothing noble in suffering poor treatment
in Christian homes where we should know better;
let's show our children how to treat family
as treasured people, each a love letter

from God who wants us to teach one another.
He gives us power to stand up to pressure
and not be a victim or domestic martyr
but rather a Spirit-led family refresher.

Although by the world we be persecuted
for faithfully clinging to Christ above all,
let not our spouses be punitive, let not
our homes be unsafe or disheartening. Call

your spouse to accountability; let not
the undermining behaviors persist.
As families learn to live in God's love,
all unloving tactics we must resist.