By Kelly Pelton (written 09 May 2023)

"The church has become feminized," you cry, alarmed
at moral compromise within the institution,
when, in truth, the church institutionalized
is prone to blaming females, a toxic solution.

Is feminine bad, misleading, or morally lax?
Say what you mean: The church is in moral decline.
Don't exploit male insecurity with your fear speech;
do not insult our half of God's design.

Compromise is a human act, not feminine;
compassion is a godly trait in both genders.
Compassionate compromise with the culture can happen despite
the women and men who for righteousness remain contenders.

Avoiding confrontation is human, not feminine;
men and women both have taken stands
to fight for reform - the cleansing of the church -
courageous in their righteous reprimands.

One unintended consequence of your blaming
the feminine for church moral degeneration:
Your daughters then perceive they're more defective,
and shame will be their constant heart's sensation.

If you're alarmed, inspect yourself, not females;
please own up to your role in church decay.
Female leadership is not the problem,
rather those who think we should not have a say.

Men and women partner with God's Spirit,
working side by side with influence equal, 
both a royal priesthood in Christ's body,
showing all the world a heavenly prequel.